A blueprint for a better railway

A blueprint for a better railway: the Beesley lecture.  The IEA’s 22nd annual Beesley lecture series, London, 1 November 2012

In this lecture, Richard Price reviews the development of the railways in Britain over the last century.  He points to the successes of Britain’s railways over the last decade, but argues that the rail industry needs now to change to sustain the remarkable progress of the last decade.   To get the best service for its customers and a good deal for the taxpayer, the industry needs the freedom to innovate, to deliver better value and to make rail more attractive for passengers and freight.

For too long the rail industry, the government, and the regulator have created ever more byzantine funding and decision-making structures, and since privatisation regulator and government have been drawn into operational detail instead of being focused on what matters – ensuring the industry serves its customers at the best price for the taxpayer.
Link: Download speech (PDF, 7.6 MB)


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