Italian rail needs pro-competition reforms

A paper by Professor Alfredo del Monte and myself was quoted in an article yesterday in Il Sole 24 Ore. We argue that major structural reforms are needed to allow competition and choice if Italy’s emerging plans for rail privatisation are to work in the best interests of passengers, rail freight and taxpayers.

Competition between train operators (‘for’ and ‘in’ the market) is an important component in making the market work well for its users – indeed Italy has itself led the world on competition in high-speed train services, with benefits for passengers.  In Britain, this approach has underpinned a transformation of the railways from a sector in long-term decline to an innovative, high-growth industry.

Alfredo del Monte e Richard Price: Privatizzazione senza liberalizzazione? Lo strano caso delle ferrovie italiane e come modifiche delle riforme proposte possono permettere un miglioramento dei benefici per gli utenti e contribuenti.  – in Italiano:

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